About ESA - Solis


In 2011 they started a business of mechanical services in the booming coal seam gas sector of Queensland, Australia completing mechanical repairs to a high standard. Through word-of-mouth recommendations, the business grew very fast. Work increased, and they employed further qualified heavy diesel mechanics with over 20 staff in the 3rd year.

As you, the reader, will know, it takes many years to develop a reliable and proven product, so the search continued for a product that would fit the owner’s high standards of performance, reliability, and trustworthy business dealings. And the search was successful in finding such a product and business.

With a downturn in the world economy and local industry, the owners were unwilling to sit still and relax, added agriculture tractor sales to their mechanical business, and started selling as a dealer.

Solis Event

In 2016 as sales increased, it was decided to start a new business for this sales activity as the expansion was envisioned. Therefore Equipment Specialists Australia was founded and in 2018 had branched in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, with dedicated sales, workshop, and office staff.

Utilizing their engineering skills and farming background, with a period of research and development and multiple trips to China, the owners added one of the best Chinese-made tractors to their sales, including earthmoving machinery. They started distributing them around Australia and New Zealand.

During the year 2020, discussions began with International Tractors Limited (Solis). And for what was the most unusual year with the covid19 virus pandemic and no international travel allowed, many zoom video meetings were held, and Equipment Specialists and Solis signed a joint mutual agreement to work together starting 2021.