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H 26

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Solis H 26


This multi-functional performer is power packed with advanced tech features and over the top lifting capacity. Suitable for the toughest of terrains, SOLIS H 26 is designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. These tractors are equipped with high transmission potential and extra safety features, giving the user a seamless experience. SOLIS H 26 is ideal not only for mowing small patches of gardens, it yields power performance even in larger fields. The sleek and stylish friction-less aerodynamics bonnet gives the tractor an elegant look, a complement to the exceptional potential and comfort that it delivers.





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    Engine: Mitsubishi 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine / S3L2-3E (water cooled)
    Power: 19.1 kW / 26 HP
    Displacement: 1319
    Engine speed: 2500 RPM
    Gearbox transmission: Hydro-static
    Clutch: Single clutch with safety switch
    Drive: 4WD shiftable
    Speed: Max: 21.03@2660
    Min: 3.18 at low ideal 900 RPM,
    8.83@rated RPM
    PTO speed: 540/1000 RPM
    HK Hydraulik: Three-point CAT I, lifting capacity 600 kg,
    1 DA control unit
    Brake system: Wet brake (oil bath), handbrake
    Towing capacity: 1600 kg
    Electrical: Battery 12 V / 65 Ah / trailer socket 7-pin
    Fuel tank capacity: 22 liters
    Steering: Power steering
    Turning radius: 2.3 m
    Weight: 1235 Kg
    Agriculture Tyre
    Front 6.5/80-12
    Rear 280/70 R18
    Lawn Tires
    Front 25×8.50-14
    Rear 13.60-16
    Industrial Tires
    Front 23×8.50-12
    Rear 33×15.5-16.5
    Galaxy Pro
    Front 220/55R12
    Rear 280/70 R16
    Analog fuel gauge
    Work lights can be swiveled at the rear
    Clutch on the front
    Drawbar at the rear
    2 x front weights of 15 kg
    Rollbar with beacon
    Tires – Agricultural tires (radial)
    – Turf tires
    – Industrial tires
    Cabin – Incl. heating
    Rear hitch
    Follower front linkage – Approx. 1,100 kg lifting capacity
    – CAT 0 with coupling triangle or CAT 1 (with Walterscheid quick coupler)
    – Two double-acting lifting cylinders
    – Lower link with pendulum compensation, can be folded up and removed without tools
    Follower front PTO – 1000 rpm
    – New generation with wet multi-disc clutch (running in oil bath)- Integrated oil pump with own pressure oil supply
    – Selectable direction of rotation
    – Single lever control unit with hose set
    Cochet front loader – No parallel guidance
    – 250 kg lifting capacity (with standard bucket )
    – Own intake
    – Available attachments: bucket, manure fork, bale fork, grab bucket, 4 in 1 bucket
    Solis front loader – Parallel guide
    – 300 kg lifting capacity (with standard bucket )
    – 3. Control circuit
    – Own mounting
    – Available attachment tools: bucket, rock bucket, grab bucket, 4 in 1 bucket
    Wheelbase (mm) 1570
    Overall Length (mm) 2895
    Overall Width (mm) 1215(Max)-1050(Min)
    Height (mm) (to roll bar) 2325
     Minimum ground clearance (mm) 240
    Front Track Width (mm) 885
    Rear Track Width (mm) 960
    Lifting capacity 600 kg
    Power steering
    Illuminated dashboard
    Adjustable, sprung seat with safety belt
    Powerful but economical and quiet 3-cylinder diesel engine


    The multifunctional SOLIS H26 unlocks a new dimension of power productivity for the global farming community. Equipped with next-gen hydrostatic transmission, this dynamic performer transcends all boundaries and showcases its competence like a true champion. The extra safety and comfort features ensure a seamless experience to the users, while its strength promises a multitude of new opportunities. Be it mowing the fields efficiently or amplifying your potential while lifting weights, this smart tractor is the best choice for all kinds of farms.