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Solis S 26


Taking productivity a notch higher, SOLIS S 26 is a compact tractor that enables a variety of activities on all kinds of terrains with respect to gardening and farming needs. The best compact tractors empowered with hydraulic power steering, this tractor helps in reducing operational stress for the user. With powerful 4 wheel drive and effective traction capability, the compact SOLIS S 26 enables smooth operation. Fully empowered with Industrial/ Agri/ Turf tyres (optional) for easy operation on every farm and optional cabin facility, this efficient tractor is a smart buy and is capable of igniting your potential with more power.





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    Engine: Mitsubishi 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine
    Power: 26 HP
    Displacement: 1318 cc
    Engine speed: 2700 RPM
    Gearbox transmission: 6F+2R
    Clutch: Single clutch with safety switch
    Drive: 4WD
    Speed: Max: 17 km/h / Min: 1.53 km/h
    PTO speed: 540/1000 RPM
    Hydraulics: Three-point CAT I, lifting capacity 600 kg,
    1 DA control unit
    Brake system: Wet brake (oil bath), handbrake
    Towing capacity: 1600 kg
    Electrical: Battery 12 V / 65 Ah / trailer socket 7-pin
    Fuel tank capacity: 26 liters
    Steering: Power steering
    Turning radius: 2.3 m
    Tires front: 6.00 × 12 tiller pattern
    Rear tires: 8.30 × 20 tiller pattern
    Weight: 1055 kg
    Analog fuel gauge
    Work lights can be swiveled at the rear
    Clutch on the front
    Drawbar at the rear
    2 x front weights 15 kg
    Rollbar with beacon

    Tires: – Agricultural tires (radial)
    – Turf tires
    – Industrial tires
    Cabin – Incl. heating
    Follower front linkage – Approx. 1,100 kg lifting capacity
    – CAT 0 with coupling triangle or CAT 1 (with Walterscheid quick coupler)
    – Two double-acting lifting cylinders
    – Lower link with pendulum compensation, can be folded up and removed without tools
    Solis front loader – Parallel guide
    – 300 kg lifting capacity (with standard bucket )
    – 3. Control circuit
    – Own mounting
    – Available attachment tools: bucket, rock bucket, grab bucket, 4 in 1 bucket
    Wheelbase 1560 mm
    Overall length 2725 mm
    Overall width 1058 mm
    Height 2153 mm (measured on the roll bar)
    Ground clearance 255 mm
    Track width in front 894 mm
    Track width in the back 825 mm
    Lifting capacity 600 kg
    Power steering
    Illuminated dashboard
    Adjustable, sprung seat with safety belt
    Powerful but economical and quiet 3-cylinder diesel engine


    Fueling your versatility with more power, the SOLIS S26 works like the perfect agri-professional in multiple farm applications. The high lifting capacity enables you to perform loader and haulage applications seamlessly while the hydraulic power steering adds more comfort to your farming endeavours. This smart tractor is an absolute champion not only for industrial challenges but also for maintenance tasks like livestock farming and green house applications, enabling extra precision in the fields.



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    Customer Review From France

    I bought two Solis tractors last year – one is Solis 50hp and another one is Solis 26. I have used for one than 50 hours, both of them are compact in size but powerful when it comes to working in my farms. To be honest, the mileage of both the tractors is fine and better as compared to other brand tractors. Solis has also improved the seat, the new seat is comfortable & comes with an armrest.

    My buying experience was also great dealer did proper PDI & explained to me every feature of the tractor. With the tractor dealer also provide me some filters complimentary to use the same in 1st service. The price of the tractor is also a plus point, I purchased 2 tractors in the price of 1 tractor of many big brands.

    Solis does not have any big feature but for a simple, mechanical tractor I would recommend checking Solis tractors also, even the Importer James is a very nice person.

    Customer Review Germany

    I have been using this Solis 26 tractor for a very long time, I owned the older version of the tractor and I have never faced any problem while using this tractor. I earlier thought that Solis is China based company but it is from India. Built of the tractor is very strong, I see hardly any plastic part it is completely metal.

    I have used tractor more than 100 hours majorly for garden maintenance & milling, maintaining the tractor is also very easy, earlier there was challenge about the spare parts availability but as they have opened new centre in Germany, you get spare parts very fast.

    I am thinking to change the tractor to the new model as new model look more stylish & seat is also comfortable, I think Soils is focusing more on comfort of the user as they have improved Seat, they have added projector lamps.